HaP Talk - Dependable Computing in Critical Real-Time Systems: Insights from Aerospace, Automotive, and Maritime Engineering

An introductory exploration of dependability beyond hard real-time systems. Organised with the help of NuCC and ANTAEUS.

In this HaP Talk, we will discuss:



Starts at 14:30:42h in FC6-1.46 (DCC's Room 4), Department of Computer Science - Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto, 4169-007, Rua do Campo Alegre 1021, Porto . Duration: 1h

Speaker Information

Diogo Peralta Cordeiro is a PhD student in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Porto, where he also earned his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. His studies focus on information engineering, automation and robotics, and systems and control. Within these fields, Diogo's research interests lie in intelligent systems, interaction design, and machine vision.

Diogo has honed his skills in Dependable Computing by contributing to the design and development of a low-cost autonomous surface vehicle at the Underwater Systems and Technology Laboratory (LSTS-FEUP). In addition, he has undergone relevant training programmes by the European Space Agency, including Fly Your Satellite! – Design Booster Training Week, CubeSat Concurrent Engineering Workshop, and ECSS E-40 Software Engineering.

Currently, Diogo works in the On-Board Data-Handling (OBDH) team for the ANTAEUS CubeSat mission and is leading the Software and Computer Engineering Department at the Porto Space Team.