Who are Hackers at Porto?

Don't let the name scare you, we aren't the kind of hackers who use computers to gain unauthorized access to data. We are simply an enthusiastic group of people who love science.

At HaP it’s our mission to empower everyone to build whatever science project they want. Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, we're here to help you develop and share your knowledge.

Workshops and Talks

Photo of our Introduction to Robotics workshop conducted by Diogo Cordeiro.

Run by members of the community and open to everyone, our workshops and talks aim to inspire and to teach practical technology skills.

If you would like to help out at one of our workshops or talks, join the Telegram group, we'd love to have you! (We're using Telegram because FCUP blocked IRC for some unknown reason.)

In the name of Libre Software!

Hackers at Porto Open Source Competition

At the end of Spring term we run the annual Hackers at Porto Open Source Competition - a fun and friendly competition to see who is able to solve more issues.

HaP Afternoons

Photo of Fun with Binary, a projected started by Diogo Cordeiro that lead to what today is known as HaP Morning.

HaP Afternoons are weekly events we run for people of all experience levels! If you have something you're working on then a HaP Morning is a great social environment for getting things done.

We'll get you the space, you bring the work and if you get stuck, there's bound to be someone in the room who can help you out!

HaP Days

Random photo from our HaP {Days, Weeks}.

These larger events combine our Workshops and Talks with the friendly hack it together environment that are well known to be part of our HaP Mornings!

Run by members of the community and open to everyone, our HaP Days are organised after exams seasons (end of autumn and spring terms) and are guaranteed to be unforgettable.

Join us on these to both learn a lot and intensively get something from the ground up done!